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Interview with Marina Totino by Ted Gilbert   Video store nostalgia has been hitting a high note in the last few years. The Last Blockbuster arguably led the way by reminding Americans that video stores still exist, and rekindling our collective cultural love affair with them.   Well, how about a video store that fits on your mantle, or even better:  a VHSpecial little place on your video shelf? We've previously praised the radical rewind-inclined miniature work of GLAZY UK, and Melissa Kay’s utterly amazing MK Video, but recently the work of Marina Totino caught our Videovore eye, and we...

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By Josh Schafer   Through our many years of roaming and rummaging through the vast rewind-inclined world, we’ve uncovered some truly radical slabs of VHS stock variants. We thought it proper to VHShare some of our favorites with you, Tapeheads! Here are five of the most fantastic VHSpecimens we’ve come across. Let’s press play!   SCOTCH JUST FOR KIDS If you’re looking for the most wacky, fun and wonderfully ridiculous VHS blank ever created, this has our vote, Tapeheads. These Scotch Just For Kids videocassettes are strikingly unique, and were engineered to help kids use videotapes with ease. These JFK...

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By Ted Gilbert For those of our rewind-inclined readers unfamiliar with "The Mandela Effect," it is an odd psychological phenomenon that manifests as a shared false memory. A whole bunch of people will all claim to remember some mundane aspect of the world that never was.  A particularly compelling example of the effect has to do with the ubiquitous children's franchise, The Berenstain Bears. That's right -ain, though I'm sure some of you reading this will swear on your life that it was actually The Berenstein Bears. The wilder fringes of conspiratorial thought even posit that The Berenstain Bears come...

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By Josh Schafer   If you’ve recently been VHScrolling through our Instagram feed (@LunchmeatVHS), chances are you caught an eyeful of a radical, rare, and ultimately curious VHS era gadget: the Trisonic Manual VHS Rewinder.     After the response on the rewind-inclined web, we decided to create a video taking a closer look at this curious VHS era gadget with thoughts on its intended use and answering the question: how long does it actually take to rewind a tape with this weird and wonderful thing?   Check out the full video below and let us know what you think,...

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By Josh Schafer   Fans of high gravity, rewind-inclined brews, we’ve got some radical news! We are absolutely VHStoked to put our heads together with Hutton & Smith and Five Wits Brewing to press play on REWIND OR DIE-PA: a high-percentage can brew to tickle your Tapehead tastebuds!   The release rolls out on Saturday, March 5th at Hutton & Smith Brewing Co. (located at 431 E M L King Blvd #120, Chattanooga, TN 37403) from 2pm – 6pm with a VHS Swap and pop-up Market with LUNCHMEAT live on site along with Eat Ghosts Food, live music and retro...

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