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A while back here in Lunchmeat Land, the totally awesome illustrator Tavi Veraldi (aka Poor Milk) and I debuted the first installment in a series of VHS-driven comic collaborations that were created to explore the many musings brought on by a fervent affection for our favorite format. We decided to title it MAGNETIC MEMORIES (see what we did there?), our first strip relaying a tribute to that absolutely amazing and unforgettable Frankenhooker talking VHS box, highlighting the pure joy that it provided with a simple touch of a button. If you missed it, you can click here to check that...

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Lunchmeat is absolutely elated to announce the first installment of a VHS-fueled comic collaboration with the outrageously cool creative imprint Poor Milk, which is headed up by illustrator extraordinaire Tavi Veraldi! We call it Magnetic Memories: a growing collection of one-page comics focused on all kinds of groovy experiences and adventures all provided by the power of VHS! Our first comic celebrates one of the most VHSexciting box gimmicks of all analog time, man! The FRANKENHOOKER talking box! And away we go, Tapeheads! Words by Yours Truly (Josh Schafer) and killer illustration and layout by Tavi Veraldi! Man, that Videovore...

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