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Staunch fans of our favorite analog format were met with some historically heartbreaking news yesterday, as confirmed by a Mental Floss UK article. Japan-based consumer electronics company Funai Electric has announced that at the end of this month, they will discontinue manufacturing their VCR units (which were produced in China) due to decline in demand and difficulty finding parts for the machines. At the highest point in their 30-year VCR-making history, Funai (which is known to us here in the States as the brand Sanyo among others) was selling around 15 million VCR units per year, but most recently, their...

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By Josh Schafer   Here’s a radical slice of educational video era obscurity brought to my analog attention by my fellow Videovore and all-around radical rewind-inclined dude Matt Ridgeway. My fellow Tapeheads, I give you, the Video Letter from Japan! This advert was harvested from the January / February issue of Creative Classroom Magazine circa 1988, and offers up a series of six home video kits displaying themed glimpses of daily life in Japan through the eyes and experiences of Japanese students.   A full look at the advert for Video Letter from Japan! Bring on the international analog education!...

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