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The ever-expanding landscape of the fresh VHS movement has offered an array of rewind-inclined releases ranging from obscurities unearthed to re-animations of scarce cult classics to mind-boggling mix-tapes. But perhaps the most interesting and exciting aspect the fresh VHS happening is how it’s provided a platform for indie filmmakers to present their work in a retro-radical format that connects them to a specific sphere of inclinations and tastes. Whether it be as a perk for their current crowdfund campaign or just as a straight-up radical special edition of the film, committing their film to VHS is now again a viable...

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The more attentive and well-read Tapeheads are apt to recognize David’s name from the pages of Lunchmeat as he’s been a regular contributor for the bulk of our existence, while also making a name for himself in a number of other influential genre mags including FilmFax, Fangoria and Famous Monsters of Filmland. Fans of post-apocalyptic films should also be aware of Moore and his incredibly exhaustive exploration of the genre with his book WORLD GONE WILD. If you still don’t know him by name, his newest book will soon change that. Moore is just about ready to unleash an amazingly...

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