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A wave of totally righteous rewind-inclined excitement has recently rolled through the Videovore community in response a custom-painted, fully functional VCR from artist Sorce122, paying homage to one of the most iconic horror flicks of all-time: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre! Initial posts and VHShares of the aesthetically amazing VCR sent many Tapeheads into a frenzy of questions on how to get their own custom-covered magnetic playback machine, so Lunchmeat caught up with Sorce122 to gather a little more information about him, the process behind the beautification, and of course, how YOU can get in queue to grab your very...

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Some really radical rewind-inclined OST scoring work from UK-based OGRE and US-based Dallas Campbell is ready to invade your ears, Tapeheads. Despite living 3,594 miles apart, and having never met in person, OGRE and Campbell have managed to collaborate online through the wondrous power of the world weird web and create ALL HALLOWS: an all analog synth soundtrack to an 80's slasher film that never was, paired with a short story that taps into the collective legacy of 70's and 80's horror cinema. ALL HALLOWS is very much inspired by the artists’ love of VHS horror flicks, along with the...

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Imagine if you will, Tapeheads, a magical VCR that could munch on your favorite flicks and make them into a new mix, interbreeding their most iconic elements, subsequently spitting out a brand new, never-before-seen analog experience. Now imagine how addicting that could be, and what would happen if that magic starts to spill out onto your living room floor, slowly creeping up your couch and ultimately invading your brain, ready to yank you into its next home video hybrid. Welcome to the House of VHS: a French-made indie horror /comedy flick from the magnetically-inclined mind of writer / director Gautier...

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In what could be seen as an ultimate dose of analog irony, there is now an application for your iPhone and iPad that allows you to capture audio and video with your smartphone with amazingly authentic VHS camcorder quality. That’s right, Tapeheads, I’m talking glorious bottom-screen static grit, home video visual grain, a washed out rewind-inclined color palette and, yes, even an era authentic date and time stamp that you can spoof to create the illusion of taking your video anytime from the 80s up until right now. Looks pretty dang good to me, Tapeheads! I wonder if they have...

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In the world of VHS collecting, the question of where to buy a working and reliable VCR comes up often, and for good reason, Tapeheads. The majority of VCRs are purchased second-hand from thrift stores, yard sales or places akin, and are usually not guaranteed. Years of use, unknown former owner habits and the heavy usage from you, the modern Videovore, puts these playback machines at perpetual risk. Unless you’re tech savvy and completely capable of repairing and refurbishing a broken VCR, when your machine craps out, it inevitably sets you off on a journey of uncertain results, combing the...

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