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Clawing up from the desolate depths of despair comes WRISTS: a pulsating, tenebrous wave of electro-goth industrial noise with latent blackened tendencies. DEAD FRIENDS / EX LOVERS is a Limited Edition VHS video album offering an immersive audio / visual descent into a wash of disturbing and decadent original imagery melded with experimental composites of B horror movies and vintage medical films, all draped behind WRISTS signature sound. Dark, surreal and unique, WRISTS exudes a stream of avant-garde suffering.     A look at the Limited Edition VHS album DEAD FRIENDS / EX LOVERS from WRISTS. Available HERE.    ...

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Heads up, my fellow Videovores! Legendary New York-based underground filmmaker Lisa Hammer (director of Pox, The Sister Plotz, and cult favorite Puss Bucket, as well as the voice of Triana Orpheus on the animated series The Venture Bros.) is currently battling cancer. In order to help raise funds for her treatment, the rewind-inclined analog enthusiasts at Saturn's Core Audio & Video and us here in Lunchmeat Land have teamed up to unleash a most radical, limited edition collection on VHS featuring Lisa's award-winning short films from the late 80's and early 90's! This hour-long collection will include (The Elaborate) Empire...

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