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It’s a bummer of a day for fans of that vintage video rental experience in New Jersey, as what is thought to be the last known operating video rental store in the Garden State is preparing to close its doors permanently after a nearly 30-year run. That’s right, Videovores: According to New Jersey News 12, Bob’s Video Time in Brick, NJ is believed to be the last living video rental store in the entire state of New Jersey, and tomorrow, it’s shutting down for good.     A nice shot of the VIDEO TIME storefront, as captured by Barry Lincoln...

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Prepare yourself for some tape trading of an excitingly different variety, Videovores! LUNCHMEAT is absolutely VHStoked to present an extremely limited edition rewind-inclined retro mash-up like you've never experienced before: VIDEORAMA VHS COVER TRADING CARDS! This series of limited press trading cards celebrates some of the most spectacular slabs of home video horror to ever assault your eyes from a video store shelf! What's on the back of the cards? That would be tidbits of information on the movies, video releasing labels and the tape's place in the VHS collector world! Too groovy! The HORROR series of VIDEORAMA is strictly...

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If you’re tuned in to the Lunchmeat Facebook and Instagram feeds you’re likely to have caught an eyeful of some astoundingly cool rewind-inclined kicks we posted up just about a week ago. If you didn’t, you can remedy that gap in your VHSocial media right here and here, man. Yes, those custom-painted Chuck Taylors’ adorned with that vital Vestron Video logo sent waves of excitement, awe and a “Dang, I need those in my life!” kind of desire across the VHS collector landscape, and today here in Lunchmeat Land, we bring you the dude who made those stellar shoes happen...

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Lunchmeat is beyond VHStoked to offer up an initial and exclusive look at the brand spankin’ new Official Teaser Trailer for the baseball-themed retro 80s slasher from Spectrum Video FIELD OF SCREAMS! Created with great affection for those essential horror video rentals of yore, this teaser for FIELD OF SCREAMS is soaked in retro VHS aesthetics and dripping with that distinct video era horror authenticity that you’ll just have to VHSee to believe, man. So here it is, Videovores! Step on up to the plate and let ‘er rip as you swing for the fences with FIELD OF SCREAMS… but...

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