Greetings, Videovores! So you wanna know what this LUNCHMEAT thing is all about?!  We can dig it! 

LUNCHMEAT is your number one destination for the appreciation, celebration and preservation of VHS and video store culture! We officially pressed play in the VHSummer of 2008 with our first print issue of Lunchmeat Magazine, and we’ve been spreading the rewind-inclined word ever since! It is our express mission to keep VHS love alive in modern times. 

Over the years, we’ve expanded beyond the print magazine, starting this here website in 2011, and jam-packing it with all the weird, fantastic, and absolutely radical VHS culture we can find! We’ve also created a mess of groovy merch, rewind-inclined apparel and fresh VHS tapes of all persuasions! We’ve done countless screenings, tape swaps, and VHS-driven gatherings, most notably creating the largest VHS-centric live event in the country with DRIVE-IN VHS Fest, held at Mahoning Drive-In Theater. 

We’ve also co-created HOME VIDEO HORRORS, helped launch a 70,000 title video store (where all the rentals were free!) called VIDEO VORTEX, and co-authored STUCK ON VHS: A Visual History of Video Store Stickers.

As you can see, we’ve been busy here in Lunchmeat Land over the past 12 years, so instead of making your eyeballs bleed with an overdone slice of our home video-lovin’ history, we encourage you to dig through our site, store, and all our VHSocial media channels (@LunchmeatVHS), and experience the great expanse of the radical rewind-inclined  world for yourself!

And, hey, you can always reach out to us, too, if you have a question or wanna talk tapes. We love making new friends. Especially if you have snacks. Do you have snacks? Hit us up. 

Keep feedin’ that VCR and remember these words to live by: REWIND OR DIE!

Josh Schafer

Head Videovore / Editor-in-Chief