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The wide world of video era promotional materials is as vast as it is exciting, Tapeheads. The nostalgic allure of promotional video store ephemera for the avid Tapehead is undeniable, and if you’ve peeked into our Analog-Tising feature in LUNCHMEAT #8, you might already be aware that Vestron Video was arguably at the top of the video era promo game, producing wondrous items like the outstanding sculpted pewter paperweight for the home video release of Re-Animator.     You didn’t think we’d mention it and not show you, did you, Tapeheads? We wouldn’t do that to you, dude. (Photo Courtesy...

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If you were able to catch Dan Trachtenberg’s tense horror / thriller, 10 Cloverfield Lane, then chances are you’ve been wondering about an intriguing slab of VHS Perfection that appeared during a montage scene called Cannibal Airlines. Your rewind-inclined mind may have asked, “Whoa, whoa, is that real?!” And then you probably thought, “That’s gotta be too good to be true, right?...” But in your home video-lovin' heart, you had hope.     Get on our shelf, man! I wonder if Clu Gulager gets eaten. Nah... he'd make it.     Well, the bad news is, you were right. It’s...

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