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The video vindication of Bloomingdale, NJ-based fresh VHS outfit Saturn’s Core Audio and Video might already be on your rewind radar from their limited edition slabs of analog celebrating obscure cult cinema like Christopher “The Black Ed Wood” Michael's 1995 health club horror epic Terror Of Blood Gym, a double-bill of lost William Hellfire flicks (To Escape Bondage and Swinging Swinger, done in association with Horror Boobs Video) and a pair of Carl J. Sukenick mind-benders with Blood Boy and Space Zombies. Saturn’s Core has recently VHSpewed forth yet another radical re-animation, this time unearthing some obscure shot-on-video insanity with...

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In the world of VHS collecting, the question of where to buy a working and reliable VCR comes up often, and for good reason, Tapeheads. The majority of VCRs are purchased second-hand from thrift stores, yard sales or places akin, and are usually not guaranteed. Years of use, unknown former owner habits and the heavy usage from you, the modern Videovore, puts these playback machines at perpetual risk. Unless you’re tech savvy and completely capable of repairing and refurbishing a broken VCR, when your machine craps out, it inevitably sets you off on a journey of uncertain results, combing the...

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