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It’s almost here, Tapeheads! On Saturday, May 28th (that’s just two days away!) in Stroudsburg, PA at the Sherman Theater, SEVERED will commence and offer their 7th Annual Short Film Night along with the 5th Annual Horror VHS Collectors Unite! Convention! Don’t know about it? Man, you VHShould! Click here for all of the info on the event, and groove to the Official SEVERED Facebook page for even more insight and information on what is sure to be the most radical rewind-inclined, VHS-lovin’ event in the nation, man! No kidding! And here in Lunchmeat Land, extreme excitement is VHStirring and...

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Some fantastic fresh VHS news has arrived from freaky deaky filmmaker Jimmy Screamerclauz who has just unleashed his newest animated nightmare When Black Birds Fly in limited edition analog fashion. You may recognize Screamerclauz from his previous slice of insano animation entitled Where the Dead Go to Die, or his more recent work as the composer on the 2014 film American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore. His brand of utterly surreal, otherworldly animation is known for being delightfully dark, extremely odd and incredibly imaginative, but you can sample a taste of his work by taking a bite out...

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On this mighty Friday we've got some serious fresh VHS news from the video vindicating crew over at Cult Movie Mania, a label you may recognize for some radical analog re-animations in league with cult film entity Grindhouse Releasing (Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal Ferox). CMM is back at it again teaming up with the folks at Grindhouse Releasing to unleash a double dose of Fulci flicks on our favorite format with Limited Edition VHS releases of the Italian cult classics Cat in the Brain and The Beyond. A look at the all new cover artwork for the Cult Movie Mania Limited...

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If you’re looking to get ravishingly grim in a rewind-inclined kind of way this Christmas, the video vindicators over at Secret Lair have unleashed some infernal analog blasphemy and command you to celebrate this Holiday season covered in corpse paint with their limited-time re-release of BLACK METAL YULE LOG! That’s right, Tapeheads: summon this sacrilegious slab to your trusty VCR and change the merry to morose, the cheer to jeers and watch Santa’s sleigh turn into a blaze in the Northern Sky! Here it is, Tapeheads! Set your set ablaze with infernal analog rewind warmth! PLEDGE YOURSELF HERE. Here’s more...

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Exceptionally attentive Tapeheads are apt to remember an analog-inclined outfit by the name of Screaming Like Banshees: a group of Wisconsin-based indie filmmakers who unleashed a self-produced cheezy chunk of horror anthology homage entitled TERRORTALES on fresh VHS around August of 2013. Since then, this low-budget film collective has been roaming the Wisconsin woods and churning up buckets of fake blood in order to put together their newest cinematic concoction THE LURKING: a one-hour trip into the low lives of two drugged out degenerates who stumble around the woods and try to get laid while 11 (count ‘em – 11!)...

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