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Hey-yo, Tapeheads! It’s FINALLY here! LUNCHMEAT #9 is now ready to boogie woogie on your rewind-inclined brain, dudes! This brand spankin’ new issue is jam-packed with 52 pages of VHS-obsessed content including reviews of VHS-only titles like Terror on Tour, My Brother Has Bad Dreams, Invasion Force, Battle of the Bullies and many more!   We’ve also got radical interviews with Pleasant Gehman all about her experience filming the punk rock ripper The Runnin’ Kind, words with low-budget action movie Renaissance Man David Heavener, and director Robet McGinley talks about creating the post-apocalyptic skate punk world of Shredder Orpheus! But...

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Chances are the names Shawn Lewis and Stephen Romano are already bumping around your rewind-inclined minds, Videovores. Lewis, who is the main brain behind the staple horror shirt shop Rotten Cotton, and Romano, who is responsible for the outrageously fun faux-horror flick compendium Shock Festival alongside some work within Masters of Horror, are two dudes that have been grinding in the contemporary horror sphere for their share of years.   But what you might not know, is that these guys are total Tapeheads. And now, with their Eibon Press banner (which released those killer Fulci Comics adaptations), they’re prepared to...

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After a bit of VHSilence, the rewind-minded re-animators at Phantom Pain Films are back in action, Tapeheads. You may recall their brand of fresh VHS creations from releases such as Devil Times Five, the absolutely ridiculous (and loving it) 1988 women’s wrestling double-feature Going Hog Wild / Oil of L.A. (still available by clicking here!), and a limited edition run of J.R. Bookwalter’s zombie trashterpiece The Dead Next Door as a part of their now completed Indiegogo for the Ultimate Edition of that same watershed indie horror film. And now, Phantom Pain Films has returned with yet another Bookwalter essential...

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The incredible world of custom miniatures and magnetic magic are seemingly starting to mate, Tapeheads. UK-based artist Andrew Glazebrook is currently fashioning a miniature video store complete with slab-lined shelves, essential home video posters and some seriously authentic video store vibes. He’s even got coffee ring stains on the wooden check-out counter. The attention to detail is beyond rich, and Lunchmeat was VHStoked to offer up a work-in-progress sneak peek on his mini-video store project a little while back via our Instagram feed. You can peep that preview video just below, dudes.   A post shared by VHS is Happiness....

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Fans of bodacious brain-munching zombie comic books, this slab's for you! LUNCHMEAT is absolutely VHStoked to collaborate with X Knight Productions and The Living Corpse Crew to present a limited edition VHS release of INKED: The Art of the Living Corpse: a 35 minute independently-produced documentary detailing the complete history of The Living Corpse comic created by Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson! This limited VHS edition is currently available as a reward on the The Living Corpse: Relics Kickstarter campaign (and only three bundles remain!) so you best groove on over and support those totally radical dudes in The Corpse...

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