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It’s finally here, man! If you’re looking for a bodacious date for Valentine’s Day 2017, the LUTHER’S MID-FRIGHT SNACK crew are undoubtedly your dudes! In this newest episode of LMFS (you can catch up on episode one here) you’ll follow Luther VanGross and Josh the Delivery Dude through a sticky-icky, ooey-gooey ridiculous mess of hilarious madness as they choke down some of Rick Spudman’s putrid pastries and try to survive a totally ferocious, sugar-soaked snack attack! Better chew fast, or these mutant munchies are gonna bite you back!     Party Hearty on this Valentine's Day, dudes! The Power of...

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It's arrived, Videovores! The super-VHSpecial Lunchmeat Halloween Treat for 2016 is now ready to invade your brain! Lunchmeat has teamed up with the ridiculously radical crew over at Sick Slice Cinema to present a weird and wild mix of live-action, puppetry and crazy claymation to create a totally spooktacular TV show unlike any other you've seen before: LUTHER'S MID-FRIGHT SNACK! You may have caught the Official teaser trailer yesterday, and if you did, we know you’re ready to chew on through this premiere episode and party down with Luther and his crew!! So… HERE IT IS, VIDEOVORES!! We hope you...

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Some of you Videovores out there may remember these radical threads (featuring an original illustration from Sick Slice Cinema main brain Hayden Hall) originally released via a Limited Edition TeeSpring campaign last year from your fellow Analog-Inclined Party Animals here in Lunchmeat Land. Because of the transient nature of TeeSpring’s platform, some Tapeheads missed out on these and voiced that they wanted to see this design back in action. Well, wait no more, man! LUNCHMEAT has teamed up with the groovy dudes at MEDIA CRYPT to re-animate the “Rewind or Die Party Time” design exclusively available through MEDIA CRYPT’S Big...

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Regular VHSubscribers to this here analog-obsessed slice of internet are sure to recall a most excellent display of rewind-inclined artistic creation from Sorce122 (AKA @tron_one02 on IG) and his absolutely killer custom-painted Texas Chain Saw Massacre VCR. If you haven’t caught VHSight of that magnificent playback machine, groove to the previous blog piece and check it out. He’s got even more custom machines happening on his Instagram now, too, and they’re absolutely VHStunning, man. Through the inspiration of this amazing piece of VCRe-animation from Sorce122, remarkable artist, Lunchmeat collaborator and all-around rad dude Hayden Hall has crafted a fully functional...

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