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The radical world of custom VHS casings is expanding at an eye-popping rate. Just take a peek at the #spoolswap hashtag on Instagram, and you’ll be able to soak in a spectrum of custom color-coordinated and blood-spattered tapes from Videovores of all inclinations and tastes. Yes, the more creatively-inclined VHS’ers are using that tried and true spool swap technique to switch and ditch those standard black slabs in exchange for a colorfully custom casing to house their favorite reels of magnetic magic, and it totally rules.   Take for instance, this here Leprechaun 3 gold and green custom composite shell,...

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There’s a new sensation sweeping across the Videovore nation, being performed in order to spice up those standard black slabs of magnetic magic and create a fully custom, often color-coordinated casing for your favorite rewindable reels… and that, my fellow Tapeheads, is something that’s colloquially called “Spool Swapping.”   It’s a practice that’s been around since the beginning of VHS repair, but over the past few years, we've seen the artistic and aesthetic persuasion of spool swaps show up in fresh VHS releases via the video vindicators at The Video Pharmacy and Forever Bogus. The online presence of this killer...

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Here’s a little something that just might make you flip your VHS-lovin’ lid, Tapeheads! Those totally bodacious dudes from the Forever Bogus crew are back at it again with a supremely radical package that’s VHSure to appease all of your 90s nostalgia needs! Available starting tomorrow April 8th, only on their official webstore, the Forever Bogus dudes will unleash their super-stacked BOGUS BRAT PACKS! Yes, indeedy, Videovores, these brand-spankin’ new limited edition collections are truly packed to brim with groovy goodies including the all-new Super Secret Bogus VHS Mixtape Vol. 2, toys, trading cards, soda, candy, MORE VHS tapes and…...

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