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The video vindicating crew over at Lo-Fi Video should already be on your rewind radar for their outstanding fresh VHS editions from the past, which include some bodacious big box releases for the cult favorite Linnea Quigey’s Horror Workout and the spectacular post-apocalyptic horror comedy sensation Turbo Kid, along with their more recent VHS re-animation for the radical rock n’ roll slasher Rocktober Blood. And now, just in time for the most wonderfully weird time of the year, Lo-Fi is unleashing a deluxe slab of horror anthology excellence to pump up your Halloween home video playlist, complete with some groovy...

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Is it Halloween yet, man?! Even though our calendar inconveniently reminds us it’s only September 3rd, that rhetorical question is undoubtedly already bounding around the minds of horror fiends, Videovores and Autumnal enthusiasts everywhere. Yes, sadly, we still have just about another two whole months before the most wonderfully weird time of the year officially hits, but fear not, Tapeheads: rewind-inclined mixtape mastermind Eddie Spuhghetti is already prepared to help you start that radical stack of magnetic magic to ensure the grooviest Halloween of all-time. The second installment of his Halloween-themed mixtape aptly entitled The Eddie Spuhghetti Halloween Companion Vol...

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It’s undoubtedly the most popular question of the season: Trick or Treat, Tapeheads?!? But when it comes to this fun little faux-flick trick box from a company called Candy Claw, you can bet your vintage Boglin it’s BOTH! Yes, what may be the best mash-up since the Dad’s Bootleg of Friday the 13th, this clear clamshell is equipped with full-on artwork for the (sadly) non-existent flick Ernest Goes to Camp Crystal Lake and comes filled with sweet snacks, stickers, popcorn and other groovy stuff. I just wish this was a real rewind experience... KnowhutImean?! Here they are, Tapeheads! These'll be...

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Autumn has officially arrived, my fellow Tapeheads, and to ring in the annual excitement, we’re here to serve up another anti-digitally delicious analog announcement apt to make your Halloween film festivities twice as VHSweet! This time we offer some exclusive fresh VHS news from the video vindicators over at Magnetic Magic Rentals. They’ve cooked up two rewind radical Limited Edition tape treats for this Halloween season, jam-packed with an abundance of all things spooky and sticky-sweet, made ready to arrive before the Samhain and turn your VCR into a full-on party. A TOTALLY BOGUS HALLOWEEN sittin' pretty on the shelf....

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We’ve just entered late September and that inevitable sugar rush of heady Halloween vibes are already amped up on high. The monster cereal is stocked up and ready to flow into your groovy glow-in-the-dark bat-shaped bowl, countless bags of candy have been snatched, taste-tested, rationed and stashed, and now, killer candy-coated announcements have started to ooze into view, helping to make everyone aware of the upcoming analog-inclined autumnal excitement. Cue the latest piece of fresh VHS news just announced from writer / producer (and owner / operator of the incredibly cool Myers House) and the video vindicators at Vultra Video:...

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