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Tennessee-born artist Charles Clary first caught my analog-addicted eye while I was VHScrolling through the wild world of Instagram. His bodacious video cover re-animations were utterly intriguing in their execution, his work adding a surreal kind of depth and dimension to an array of familiar box fronts from video store shelves of yore. I dug just a tad deeper and found that his creations were made through the art of hand-cut paper, meticulously layered within the video boxes to demonstrate what he defines as a visual concept of innocuous musical infection through viruses and bacteria. Like a number of present...

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If you’re a regular VHSubscriber here in Lunchmeat Land, you’re probably familiar with the efforts of Yale University’s David Gary and Aaron Pratt: the analog enthusiasts that helped to collect nearly 3000 VHS tapes and video era related material to preserve for posterity in the Yale University Library. If you haven’t heard about that, you can get all caught up with the exclusive in-depth Lunchmeat interview RIGHT HERE, Tapeheads! Now Yale is leading the way of official VHS preservation once again with another painstaking project for posterity: the digitization of nearly 2000 VHS tapes that have been collected since the...

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