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Most of the Tapeheads who are in current VHStep with the VHS collector world are familiar with the Chester N. Turner SOV brain-benders Black Devil Doll from Hell and Tales from the Quadead Zone and their sturdy standing as two of the most coveted slabs of magnetic magic in the collecting culture. Even though these films were beautifully re-animated by Louis Justin’s Massacre Video label on both Limited Edition VHS and a first-ever DVD release in 2013, original VHS copies of both films continue to command staggering prices showing consistent finishes in the four figure range. With the widespread want...

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Over 40 years after the release of Theodore Gershuny’s atmospheric and effective cult Christmas slasher Silent Night, Bloody Night, New Wave Independent Pictures has just unleashed Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival: an interlaced sequel which revisits and expands on the storyline from Gershuny’s original offering of dark and demented holiday horror. The best part, Tapeheads? Australia-based entity Retrosploitation is offering BOTH films on one jam-packed double-feature videocassette loaded with a bunch of groovy extras. A look at the package for the SNBN double-feature fresh VHS. You can grab your slab HERE. Here’s a little more on the new film,...

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Often imitated but never duplicated, the awesomely influential and widely adored cult-cinema centric comedy show Mystery Science Theater 3000 may be returning from the grave. MST3K creator Joel Hodgson is currently running a 30 day campaign through Kickstarter to bring the show back for at least three more episodes, able to be made for a total pledge of $2,000,000, with a potential of 12 episodes AKA a full season (!!), made for about 5 and half million dollars. So, why is this of particular interest to Tapeheads everywhere? Aside from the fact that this show totally rules, and has paid...

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A rewind-retro Halloween treat has recently been launched by the horror-loving folks over at Shout! Factory, offering up streaming VHS versions of some absolutely essential horror and exploitation mainstays from those rental store days. And for the analog icing on the cake? The Lunchmeat co-produced documentary that explores the scope of VHS collector culture Adjust Your Tracking. Yes, as Shout! Factory declares, there’s no VCR needed to enjoy a taste of that old-school analog tape. Simply clickity-click and groove on over to their wonderfully retro VHS VAULT site and experience the grit and grain of the classic horror titles Day...

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In an exciting piece of news for Videovores everywhere, long-running fright source Fangoria has recently announced that they are teaming up with the 2015 Mile High Horror Film Festival for a 30th Anniversary screening of Dan O’Bannon’s punk rock zombie comedy classic (and personal LM favorite!) Return of the Living Dead… on almighty VHS! And to top it all off, cult actress Linnea Quigley AKA Trash will be live in the flesh and ready to party with a groovy Q&A to liven up the crowd after the film! Which VHS version will be screened was not mentioned in the original...

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