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Released at VHStival 2019, and now available for the first time since 1998 on officially licensed VHS from LUNCHMEAT! The Limited Edition VHS Re-Issue of the found footage gem GIRLS AT THE CARNIVAL comes housed in all new artwork from Savannah Soule with an exclusive interview with the original distributor Derek Erdman! The interview details the origins and intial release of GATC, along with Derek's thoughts on its re-release through us here at LUNCHMEAT!   A look at the popcorn yellow videocassette variant for GIRLS AT THE CARNIVAL. Feed this one to your VCR. You won't rewind regret it!  ...

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The voyeuristic allure of “found footage” has fascinated audiences from its inception in cinema, with films like Man Bites Dog and The Blair Witch Project practically redefining the boundaries of on-screen terror, along with more obscure entries like Jean-Teddy Fillppe’s Forbidden Files and Lunchmeat favorite America’s Deadliest Home Video displaying even earlier employment of found footage techniques to captivate curious audiences. As exemplified in ADHV, it seems that the VHS format fully embodies those aesthetic elements which take that “discovered and uncovered” plausibility to a whole new level. How many times have you happened upon an unmarked VHS tape that...

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