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By Josh Schafer   If you’re a rewind regular here in Lunchmeat Land, you’re likely aware that there’s nothing we love more than VHS and snacks. So when we saw that the iconic cookie-mongers at OREO were re-launching their CAKESTERS confection with a radical rewind-inclined spin, we had to let our fellow Tapeheads and VHSnackers know!         According to today's social media posts (1/7/22), Oreo is declaring “It’s 2007 All Over Again.” 2007 was the year Oreo's CAKESTERS originally launched, and now, for the re-launch, they’re bringing them to the only place where it’s still 2007: The...

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While out rummaging through the wild this past weekend on my never-ending quest for slabs of black plastic gold, the rack of rewind remnants resting at DVD Game Exchange in the totally radical New Castle Farmers Market in New Castle, DE offered me one of the most intriguingly odd and amusingly uncomfortable video finds I’ve come across in quite a long time: The Blockbuster Kidprint Identification Video! Here it is, my fellow Videovores. An Official Kidprint tape from Blockbuster. There's gotta be a pin floating around with this Kidprint logo. There just has to be. Created around 1990 through a...

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