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Enter the world of Atlanta-based outsider hip hop artist Michael Myerz with his newest crazed concoction: MEGA MEDIA PACK, unleashed exclusively on fresh VHS from your fellow Tapeheads here at LUNCHMEAT! This limited edition videocassette features a mind-bending menagerie of content including music videos, personal interviews, surreal animation, groovy interludes, and so much more, dudes.   Have a look-see, Videovores! Dig those primo purple tapes, too. Available HERE.   This is a strictly limted edition of 25 copies, pressed on juicy purple videocassettes. Each order from our webstore will also include an original poster from the VHS release show! Grab...

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Mike Reynolds AKA Damn Aykroyd is sort of like a VHSorcerer. He invokes a multitude of magnetic magic and swirls it through a whirlwind of outdated analog equipment creating a mind-bending psychedelic blend of VHS-driven hallucinations harvested from some of the most obscure slabs of black plastic gold you can (and can’t) imagine. The vessel? Seemingly standard home video releases ranging from Critters to Con-Air, Freejack to The Fugitive, from Wayne’s World to Willow. These entertaining but not-so-collectible common tapes silently sit in stealth on the shelf, just waiting for a Tapehead (who could be tipped off by following the...

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