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By Josh Schafer   Let’s rewind back to this very day in 1993, Tapeheads. Why today, you ask? Excellent question. Because on Tuesday, May 18th, 1993, midwest based supercenter chain Meijer opened their new megastore in Ontario, OH - and they marketed that launch with an ingenious VHSplash!  Meijer’s advertising team knew how to get into people’s line of sight, and it was via their VCR. The following 10 minute video isn’t just any old VHS tape: this video will change the way you shop for food, clothing, beauty supplies, and even the way you rent videos. The best part?...

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By Josh Schafer   Through our many years of roaming and rummaging through the vast rewind-inclined world, we’ve uncovered some truly radical slabs of VHS stock variants. We thought it proper to VHShare some of our favorites with you, Tapeheads! Here are five of the most fantastic VHSpecimens we’ve come across. Let’s press play!   SCOTCH JUST FOR KIDS If you’re looking for the most wacky, fun and wonderfully ridiculous VHS blank ever created, this has our vote, Tapeheads. These Scotch Just For Kids videocassettes are strikingly unique, and were engineered to help kids use videotapes with ease. These JFK...

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By Josh Schafer   If you’ve recently been VHScrolling through our Instagram feed (@LunchmeatVHS), chances are you caught an eyeful of a radical, rare, and ultimately curious VHS era gadget: the Trisonic Manual VHS Rewinder.     After the response on the rewind-inclined web, we decided to create a video taking a closer look at this curious VHS era gadget with thoughts on its intended use and answering the question: how long does it actually take to rewind a tape with this weird and wonderful thing?   Check out the full video below and let us know what you think,...

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Released at VHStival 2019, and now available for the first time since 1998 on officially licensed VHS from LUNCHMEAT! The Limited Edition VHS Re-Issue of the found footage gem GIRLS AT THE CARNIVAL comes housed in all new artwork from Savannah Soule with an exclusive interview with the original distributor Derek Erdman! The interview details the origins and intial release of GATC, along with Derek's thoughts on its re-release through us here at LUNCHMEAT!   A look at the popcorn yellow videocassette variant for GIRLS AT THE CARNIVAL. Feed this one to your VCR. You won't rewind regret it!  ...

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Enter the world of Atlanta-based outsider hip hop artist Michael Myerz with his newest crazed concoction: MEGA MEDIA PACK, unleashed exclusively on fresh VHS from your fellow Tapeheads here at LUNCHMEAT! This limited edition videocassette features a mind-bending menagerie of content including music videos, personal interviews, surreal animation, groovy interludes, and so much more, dudes.   Have a look-see, Videovores! Dig those primo purple tapes, too. Available HERE.   This is a strictly limted edition of 25 copies, pressed on juicy purple videocassettes. Each order from our webstore will also include an original poster from the VHS release show! Grab...

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