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Justin Ishmael is a name that may already be on your rewind-inclined radar as the main brain behind the heavy-hitting brand Mondo: a multifaceted production outfit that entered the fresh VHS arena with releases of Andrew Jordan’s Things, big box editions for both The Visitor and Ms. 45 and a highly coveted limited edition of Franck Khalfoun’s 2012 Maniac remake, among others. Ishmael’s Mondo has also made its mark on the fresh VHS movement via their work with those bodacious video vindicators at Bleeding Skull! Video, collaboratively unleashing limited edition slabs of obscure trash cinema insanity like Cards of Death,...

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Over the past couple of years, those radical rewind-inclined dudes you know as the Bleeding Skull! Video crew have certainly cemented themselves as one of the finest purveyors of trash cinema re-animations. They’ve piled up a formidable stack of black plastic and magnetic magic, rightly adored by Videovores with a penchant for the most outrageous and obscure no-budget cinema unknown to man. And now, on Friday December 9th at 12 Noon CST, Bleeding Skull! Video is back with an act of video vengeance, again teaming up with Mondo Video, ready to unleash another slab of absolute insano, smash-your-brain-o cult trash...

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If you’re a local here Lunchmeat Land, the video vindicating duo of Bleeding Skull! Video and Mondo should already be on your rewind-inclined radar for their outstanding fresh VHS editions of titles like CARDS OF DEATH, THE SOULTANGLER, NIGHT FEEDER and most recently, the regional shot-on-video mind-melter SCARY TALES. Bleeding Skull has also been keeping up the analog-induced excitement with their steadfast work on unearthing, reviving and preparing for the total re-animation of an (almost) totally lost piece of outstanding SOV trash cinema from director James Bryan called JUNGLE TRAP that’ll be making its world premiere at Fantastic Fest in...

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