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By Josh Schafer / Benny Junko   To introduce you to this installment of The Visual History of Audio/Video Plus, we’ll be rewinding back to LUNCHMEAT #7 and exhuming an excerpt from a piece by Matthew Dilts-Williams as he details and explores one of horror home video’s most beloved labels: Thriller Video. We’ll also offer up the full checklist for the Thriller Video catalog, complete with pricing from 2012. If you’re wondering how much a copy of Alabama’s Ghost was going for about 8 years ago, we got you, my dudes.      Image courtesy of Regan Ray.   The...

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By Josh Schafer / Benny Junko   Six-packs are a signature emblem of fun, Tapeheads. They’re the perfect equation for a premium personal party, and the ideal amount for sharing with a friend for a flow of merriment. Yeah, I’m talking about brews, dudes. But there’s another kind of six-pack that will be especially attractive to Videovores: The JVC Six-Pack of videocassettes, which is an obscure but awesome marketing move from the inventors of the VCR. Behold below, quite possibly the most party blank VHS package of all-time.      Image courtesy of Reddit.   JVC wasn’t done, either. Sometime...

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The rewind-inclined regulars here at Lunchmeat are well aware that the preservation of home video history and culture is the main objective in our overall mission. So, when Video Sanctum main-brain Benny Junko approached us with the intention of using our channel as a platform to share the hidden yet impossibly complete history of Audio/Video Plus, we were all aboard, dude. But first, a bit of information and contextualization is in order, just to get everyone up to VHSpeed.     The AVP Storefront, now vacant, after many years of video excellence. Photo by Jack Lawrence.     Established in...

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