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The art of the video mix-tape has been an inherent and excitingly diverse aspect of the fresh VHS movement. Influential and early mixes like King of the Witches’ now coveted Party Levitation and Horror Boobs’ breastacular, blood-soaked compilations Horror Boobs Vol. 1 and 2 complement the newer analog-driven medleys like Magnetic Magic’s slam dunk slab Shaq Attack and The Secret Celluloid Soceity’s mind-melting and mysterious unnamed mash-up tape that just recently entered our VCR. These, along with countless other homebrewed home video clip concoctions from individual rewind-inclined minds across the culture, have been steadily spinning in Tapeheads’ playback decks.  ...

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Is it Halloween yet, man?! Even though our calendar inconveniently reminds us it’s only September 3rd, that rhetorical question is undoubtedly already bounding around the minds of horror fiends, Videovores and Autumnal enthusiasts everywhere. Yes, sadly, we still have just about another two whole months before the most wonderfully weird time of the year officially hits, but fear not, Tapeheads: rewind-inclined mixtape mastermind Eddie Spuhghetti is already prepared to help you start that radical stack of magnetic magic to ensure the grooviest Halloween of all-time. The second installment of his Halloween-themed mixtape aptly entitled The Eddie Spuhghetti Halloween Companion Vol...

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