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By David Knipe and Karen Asmundson   With the limited VHS release of The Kingdom of Var, Lunchmeat VHS, Zellco Entertainment and Cream of the Crap wish to pay tribute to our brother from another VCR, Jaimz Asmundson, the consummate connoisseur of cheese, camp, crud, and crap. Jaimz relentlessly scoured the darkened and dirty corners of film culture on his quest to find the creamiest crap movies imaginable so that he could share his passion with others and build a community around the love of tapes.     Jaimz passed away on New Year’s Day 2024, leaving behind a first-class...

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Shot on Video, VHS History, VHS Screening, Write Brain TV -

Yo, Tapeheads! We are totally VHStoked to team up with the fantastic folks at Write Brain TV to bring you VIDEO KALEIDOSCOPE!    TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW from Write Brain TV!           VIDEO KALEIDOSCOPE is a special virtual one-night only screening that invites you to turn on, tune in, & drop-out for an all-out, all-night celebration with a VHSmorgasbord showcasing some of the best in shot-on-tape cinema!   This special virtual one-night only screening at the Write Brain Theater will beam you from your living room back in time, on a cosmic journey back to trace...

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Brantley Palmer, Everything to Entertain You, Keene, New England, New Hampshire, Video Headquarters, Video Store, video store documentary, video stores, VSDA -

By Brantley Palmer  Hey, Tapeheads! I’d like to introduce you to one of the best video stores in the country (until its closing in 2015, at least), Video Headquarters in Keene, New Hampshire. It wasn’t just an amazing physical video retailer. The other thing that made it so special was how this one video store and its owner, Ken McAleer, far outside the film hubs of Los Angeles and New York City, were able to support and benefit other independent video retailers around the country, and how their presence would clash directly with studios and larger chains.      Boasting...

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Catherine Walsh, Halloween horror, Horror VHS, JACK-O, Myers House NC, Patrick Moran, Spookhouse Theater -

Hey-yo, Tapeheads! We are radically VHStoked to team up with THE MYERS HOUSE NC on Saturday, September 2nd, 2023 for a ridiculously fun and wildly spooktacular night of video store era HORROR!     We’ll be pressing play at The Myers House NC in Hillsborough, North Carolina for a very special screening of the Halloween Horror Cult Classic JACK-O, projected on a big outdoor movie screen in the front yard of the house!    We’ll be joined by JACK-O special guests Patrick Moran (who played Jack-O-Lantern) & Catherine Walsh (who played The Witch, Vivian Machen). They will be signing autographs...

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Hey-yo, Tapeheads! We are super VHStoked to team up with Tribeca Film Festival to present the new video store-driven documentary from filmmakers David Redmon and Ashley Sabin! KIM’S VIDEO screens at Tribeca on Tueseday, June 13 at 8:30 PM at Village East! You can grab your tickets HERE, and if you use the code LUNCHMEAT, you’ll receive 20% off your ticket!    MORE ON KIM’S VIDEO:  If you were a New Yorker with a taste for unconventional movies, you likely perused the aisles of Kim’s Video and Music. Its owner, Yongman Kim, became as much of a legend as the films...

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