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Heads up, Videovores of New York! On Saturday, July 15th 2017 the Museum of VHS will be invading New York for the very first time! 2017 marks the 40th anniversary of the VHS tape and what better way to celebrate than to have the Museum of VHS bring their biggest, most exhilarating, and educational exhibit yet to the Big Apple! The memories of perusing the isles of your local Mom and Pop shop will come rushing back to you as you feast your eyes on vintage video store decor, scarce promotional material, mounds of eye popping posters, standees and slicks,...

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Heads up, Videovores! Those rewind-inclined, indie-publishing bra-busters at Horror Boobs have just unleashed a brand-spankin’ new issue of their VHS culture and cinema zine BLOOD VIDEO, and it’s all ready to groove straight into your mailbox! This first-ever special edition BV publication features a whopping 32-page interview with cult underground filmmaker Charles Pinion (Twisted Issues; We Await) conducted by the one-and-only Mike Hunchback, and comes jam-packed with images, illustrations and incredible insight on the entirety of Pinion’s career. Here’s a peek at the cover, which features a full-color illustration from the hand of Charles Pinion himself!     A stack...

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If you’re going to be in the Brooklyn, NY area on Friday, August 19th and are looking for an incredible explosion of analog excitement, look no further, Tapeheads. The video vindicators at Horror Boobs are teaming up with the Brooklyn Fire Proof Summer Screening series to host a monumental rewind-inclined event entitled “Night of 1000 VHS” which will offer a 1000+ tape VHS Swap and a selection of eye-popping analog-era clips, trailers with a secret feature, all screened from genuine VHS sources! No digital on this night, Videovores! Lunchmeat will also be live in the flesh ready with all the...

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It is with extreme pleasure and immense excitement that we are finally able to announce the schedule of events for the Camp Motion Pictures / Lunchmeat co-release of the first-ever DVD and Deluxe VHS re-issue of AMERICA’S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO! If you aren’t familiar with the SOV beast that is ADHV, be sure to peep the trailer and read through the synopsis so you can get acquainted, Tapeheads! The re-animation of this title has been years in the making, and now, Jack Perez’s pioneering shot-on-video thriller from 1991 is finally prepared to get the widespread release it so rightly deserves!...

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