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One of the most exciting and highly anticipated VHS-driven events of the year is nearly here, Tapeheads! In just about 30 days and 30 nights, on the weekend of July 7th, 8th , and 9th at The Mahoning Drive-In Theatre in Lehighton, PA, the first-ever Drive-In VHS Fest will be rockin’, rollin’, and ready to boogie-woogie on your brain! LUNCHMEAT is proud to partner with the rewind-inclined crew at Mahoning Drive-In Theater to bring you a most excellent weekend of absolute VHS madness projected on the big, big screen! The main movie line-up will include an array of shot-on-video and...

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Those radical rewind-inclined dudes over at Massacre Video are at it again, Videovores! You probably recall when they recently unleashed a fantastic slipcase cover VHS edition of the outrageous shot-on-video splatter flick 555 (which you can read all about RIGHT HERE) that got a lot of Tapeheads totally VHStoked, but they’re about to get VHS heads revving up their VCRs all over again with a trio of totally killer tapes set to be unleashed at 6PM EST on 10/21/2016 exclusively on Massacre Video’s official site. The three slabs about ready to be served up in association with Severin Films? NURSE...

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Massacre Video is a name synonymous with cult film celebration and VHS appreciation. Their righteous rewind-inclined re-animations focus on the vast scope of outsider cinema with the resurrection of Chester N. Turner’s incredible and much-coveted shot-on-video films Black Devil Doll from Hell and Tales from the Quadead Zone being their most lauded among the VHS / cult film collector world. But it was Wally Koz’s 1988 shot-on-video splatter flick 555 that sparked their now-expansive line of killer cult film releases, and now, Massacre is bringing its initial offering back to limited edition analog. Tonight (9/21/2016), at 6PM EST exclusively on...

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