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Hey-yo, Tapeheads of Atlanta! YOU FEELIN’ LUCKY?! You better! Because on VHSunday, MARCH 5th, 2023 we’re teaming up with Atlanta, GA’s only living video store VIDEODROME and outsider rap madman MICHAEL MYERZ to bring LEPRECHAUN to the big screen (projected from VHS!) at PLAZA THEATER!   TICKETS AVAILABLE WITH THIS LINK!     We’ll also be showing some choice snippets only available on this LEPRECHAUN screener tape from VIDMARK, which was made expressly for video stores! This event is a golden opportunity to see a 90s horror classic the rewind way!   TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FROM PLAZA THEATER!   ...

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By Josh Schafer   People miss video stores so much, they’re making them in their basements. That’s not to say classic video stores are dead and gone. They’re certainly not. As endlessly evidenced here at LUNCHMEAT, and in an insightful (and important) article from Kate Hagen, there are still plenty of brick and mortar video rental destinations fighting the good fight. But there is a phenomenon happening here. From the earliest incarnation we can recall with Bradley Creanzo’s Bradco Video (as seen in Adjust Your Tracking), to Champion Video, to Nostalgia Video, to The Video Bunker, which was featured on...

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Enter the world of Atlanta-based outsider hip hop artist Michael Myerz with his newest crazed concoction: MEGA MEDIA PACK, unleashed exclusively on fresh VHS from your fellow Tapeheads here at LUNCHMEAT! This limited edition videocassette features a mind-bending menagerie of content including music videos, personal interviews, surreal animation, groovy interludes, and so much more, dudes.   Have a look-see, Videovores! Dig those primo purple tapes, too. Available HERE.   This is a strictly limted edition of 25 copies, pressed on juicy purple videocassettes. Each order from our webstore will also include an original poster from the VHS release show! Grab...

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With a body built by Chinese food on top of garlic bread and a mental state fueled by ingesting an overload of 90s anime via VHS tape, Michael Myerz has come to establish himself as one of the most unique hip hop artists in the Atlanta scene. Since 2011, Myerz has released upwards of 20 albums, and LUNCHMEAT is proud to present his newest release Booger Boys 3D: Revenge of the Plaque on limited edition videocassette, exclusively available at his record release show for his newest album Nujewbes happening this Saturday, August 26th at The Earl in East Atlanta, GA....

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