VHS Dice Sets from 1985 Games are Ready to Rewind Roll

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VHS Dice Sets from 1985 Games are Ready to Rewind Roll

By Ted Gilbert


Every time we press play on a new day it feels like VHS aesthetic is gaining a bigger foothold into nearly every aspect of culture. Sometimes it's unexpected and mildly unbelievable (see Kylie Jenner's recent make-up line), or sometimes it feels a little random (these VHS playing cards) or just plain funny (like this plush dog toy, and there a few out there). But sometimes, it just makes perfect VHSense, as is the case with these rewind-inclined RPG accoutrements from 1985 Games.



A quick glance at the $67,000 and counting this project has raised on Kickstarter so far proves that there is a healthy market for VHS nostalgia in the tabletop gaming marketplace. As sexy as these sharp-edged resin dice appear, similarly eye-catching dice can be purchased at most comic book shops and gaming stores for a mere fraction of that price, which means the packaging is the major selling point for these $70 sets of resin. For many roleplaying game enthusiasts, their dice can be more than just a mechanic in a game, but an extension of their own personality. What better way for a Tapehead to VHSilently display their rewind rolling proclivities to the table than slapping down one of these small but mighty VHS styled slipcases at the start of a game. 



It's no secret that a lot of RPG aesthetics derive from 80s media, which is when Dungeons and Dragons saw its first golden age, but as far as we know, this is the first set of dice to fully embrace VHS as it's main aesthetic. With a fanbase that's obviously rewind-ravenous, perhaps it's no surprise that the crowdfunding campaign is such a runaway success. 



Where will VHS aesthetic show next? The way we VHSee it, and the way it's happening, probably the next place you look! ROLL OUT, TAPEHEADS!


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