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The more rabid and attentive Tapeheads should already be familiar with the Australia-based outfit EX-FILM, who have firmly established themselves as the premiere entity from down under currently issuing limited edition batches of fresh PAL VHS. Their newly produced analog versions of titles like ACT OF VENGENACE aka RAPE SQUAD, Mike Malloy’s documentary EUROCRIME (a co-release with Celluloid Apocalypse, which is now sold out) and the absolutely incredible and lip-lickingly lush limited edition for Lunchmeat favorite I DRINK YOUR BLOOD, are all spectacular VHSights to behold. If you haven’t heard of these dudes, though, you can catch up on their...

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It goes without VHSaying that the rewind way is a worldwide practice, and the ardent affection for the format has recently taken shape in the land down under with a brand new VHS-centric web-series called VIDEO HOARDERS. Created and hosted by Rob Taylor, the first episode is now available via (clickity-click that hot link to watch, man!), and follows Rob as he travels to Lara, Victoria and peruses the collection of fellow Tapehead Jamie Tate. Throughout the episode, they talk the joys of tape and ogle sexy slabs of Aussie analog like Evil Dead, Scalps, Nightmare and The Video...

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If you’re looking for some fresh VHS thunder from down under, the analog-inclined Aussie releasing label Ex-Film deserves your undivided attention. You may recognize this brand from previous posts here in Lunchmeat Land as Ex-Film has laid some fantastic specimens of cinema to tape like Mike Malloy’s Eurocrime documentary and the cult favorite rarity Act of Vengeance AKA Rape Squad. This time, Ex-Film is ready to invade your VCR with an absolute essential piece of drug-laced, psycho-hippie horror mayhem with David E. Durston’s 1970 exploitation classic I Drink Your Blood! Presented in conjunction with the groovy dudes at Grindhouse Releasing,...

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VHS-driven television (or more accurately described as rewind-inclined web series’) are starting to crop up across the limitless landscape of the world weird web, Tapeheads. Shows like the exceedingly cool and fantastically fun VH ED The Undead VHS which features a groovy character design that fans of Wake Rattle and Roll will instantly adore, and the recently debuted LUNCHMEAT / SICK SLICE CINEMA production Luther’s MidFright Snack are both oozing with that affection for our favorite analog medium. But with his upcoming series Video Hoarders, Aussie filmmaker Rob Taylor is bringing the home video collecting hobby to the forefront, aiming...

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