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There are few instances of VHS cover art that have proved to be as lasting and iconic as the Media Home Entertainment release of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. It’s one sexy slab to be sure, and it’s apt to make the most voracious Videovores salivate at the very sight of it. And now, horror-centric apparel company FRIGHT RAGS is just about ready to make this outstanding piece of home video cover art a part of your rewind-inclined wardrobe. Come Wednesday, January 25th at 10AM EST, FRIGHT RAGS will unleash an official collaboration with artist Richard Hescox (who also created...

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Frequent video store patrons are apt to remember it fondly: that little green horror sticker stuck on the front of our favorite fright flicks at the local video rental spot. Over the past year or so, this little green guy has made a real comeback, mainly by way of rewind-inclined apparel and flair outfits. Chicago’s CREEPY COMPANY produced stickers, enamel pins and even a turntable slip mat paying tribute to these essential slime-colored circles, helping to turn this seemingly simple piece of home video rental history into a highly potent symbol of VHS era nostalgia. Another groovy instance of horror...

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When it comes to awakening some essential video rental store nostalgia, that little green horror genre sticker that adorned so many of our favorite flicks really VHStrikes a chord. Back in the glory days of physical video rental bliss, these stickers were really just doing their job. Fast forward to the present, and they’re retrospectively representative of a particular time, neatly encapsulating a crucial essence through what was once thought to be a minor detail. The new wave of rewind-inclined appreciation has already inspired some radical wares made in tribute these little green guys with Chicago-based Creepy Co.’s open edition...

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