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The video vindicating crew over at Magnetic Magic Rentals have already demonstrated a tinge of allegiance to the infernal side of analog with their now-sold-out-release of the absolutely bonkers and banned public access curiosity The Great Satan at Large (which any fan of outrageous and blasphemous video rea obscurities should check out immediately) and their in-house illustration turned t-shirt hailing the likes of VHSatan. But MMR is now bringing a celebration of ravishing grimness to fresh VHS with the release of a black metal documentary from filmmakers Fredrick Akselsen and Christian Falch entitled Blackhearts (click here for the trailer). Offered...

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If you’re looking to get ravishingly grim in a rewind-inclined kind of way this Christmas, the video vindicators over at Secret Lair have unleashed some infernal analog blasphemy and command you to celebrate this Holiday season covered in corpse paint with their limited-time re-release of BLACK METAL YULE LOG! That’s right, Tapeheads: summon this sacrilegious slab to your trusty VCR and change the merry to morose, the cheer to jeers and watch Santa’s sleigh turn into a blaze in the Northern Sky! Here it is, Tapeheads! Set your set ablaze with infernal analog rewind warmth! PLEDGE YOURSELF HERE. Here’s more...

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