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By Ted Gilbert   Some rewind-radical news is circulating on the web, Tapeheads, and we wanted to VHShare it with you! You know those legendary lost scenes from Friday the 13th: Part II? Well, they've recently resurfaced, and we have VHS to thank! Here's an excerpt from the incredible story, as told by Edwin Samuelson of Samuelson Studios, quoted directly from the studio's Facebook page:   "The upcoming FRIDAY THE 13 boxed set from Scream Factory will include the uncut footage from Part 2. How it was found after being lost for almost 40 years is a great story!  As...

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It’s undoubtedly the most popular question of the season: Trick or Treat, Tapeheads?!? But when it comes to this fun little faux-flick trick box from a company called Candy Claw, you can bet your vintage Boglin it’s BOTH! Yes, what may be the best mash-up since the Dad’s Bootleg of Friday the 13th, this clear clamshell is equipped with full-on artwork for the (sadly) non-existent flick Ernest Goes to Camp Crystal Lake and comes filled with sweet snacks, stickers, popcorn and other groovy stuff. I just wish this was a real rewind experience... KnowhutImean?! Here they are, Tapeheads! These'll be...

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