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Get ready to hit EJECT on reality and slip a slab of analog anarchy into your life on July 7-8, when The Mahoning Drive-In Theater, Lunchmeat, and Saturn’s Core Video present DRIVE-IN VHS FEST 7, two nights of Tapehead terror, with six video store classics presented on the biggest outdoor screen in Pennsylvania, all from vintage VHS!   TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!   Relive the days of renting the most bizarre flicks you could find with friends and having the collective mind-melting experience of “What IS this?” with your fellow Tapeheads at The Mahoning Drive-In Theater!   Each film presented...

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Leprechaun, Leprechaun VHS, Michael Myerz, Plaza Theater Atlanta, Videodrome ATL -

Hey-yo, Tapeheads of Atlanta! YOU FEELIN’ LUCKY?! You better! Because on VHSunday, MARCH 5th, 2023 we’re teaming up with Atlanta, GA’s only living video store VIDEODROME and outsider rap madman MICHAEL MYERZ to bring LEPRECHAUN to the big screen (projected from VHS!) at PLAZA THEATER!   TICKETS AVAILABLE WITH THIS LINK!     We’ll also be showing some choice snippets only available on this LEPRECHAUN screener tape from VIDMARK, which was made expressly for video stores! This event is a golden opportunity to see a 90s horror classic the rewind way!   TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FROM PLAZA THEATER!   ...

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Bill D. Russell, Blockbuster commercial, Blockbuster Video, Blockbuster Video commercial -

By Josh Schafer and Ted Gilbert   There may be no other commercial that's as synonymous with the video store era, or that made such an impression on the masses that saw it as this classic Blockbuster TV spot.      There was just so much going on. From the self-raising walls and the tapes that magically fill the shelves, to the customer who seems to drop in from the sky - the whole thing was sure to fill the average viewer with wonder and  make them ask out loud: How did they do that! We were lucky enough to...

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VHChess, VHS Chess, VHS Chess Board -

Just when you think you’ve VHSeen a thing or two, along comes a wonderfully wild Tapehead creation that presses play on a totally new level. Behold this playable chess set and chess board, completely constructed  from VHS tapes. It’s name?  They call it VHChess.     Created by by Andrew J. Austin (REDGUTS.COM), with the carpentry wizardry of Robbie Austin, and friends Jakrit and Elizabeth, the VHChess board took 9 months of labor, over 70 Barney VHS tapes, and some real tape-driven teamwork. And now, it’s a radical rewind-inclined reality. Check it out in action below.       We especially...

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VCR Toaster, VHS Gadgets, VHS Toaster -

Fans of Frankensteinian creations melding together rewind-inclined electronics and handy household appliances, you just hit pay dirt.    Its’ true: two things that you’ve probably never imagined mating are a VCR and toaster, but here we are, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it.   Behold, the VCR TOASTER!     To get to the beginning of this perplexing (but lovable) project, we’ll need to rewind all the way back to February of 2009 where it pops up on Geeky Gadgets.  There isn’t much info there, but it does lead us to a page on Instructables where the creator...

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