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While recently going about my daily rewind-inclined wanderings around the world weird web, I was offered a chance to check out two totally killer, one most curious and one exceptionally informative, video-centric vintage newspaper clippings harvested from, found courtesy of fellow Tapehead and all-around cool dude Julian DiLorenzo (@UncleSporkums) via Twitter. The first clipping he shared was out of Salina, KS, and detailed a shocking mistake made at a magnetic magic duplication facility, inadvertently causing an explicit horror flick to appear at the tail end of a seemingly innocuous children’s cartoon tape. Here’s the article that originally appeared in...

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If you happened to tune in to Lunchmeat’s Spare Parts about two weeks ago, you just might be privy to a mammoth score of video era artifacts and varied video formats attained by rewind-inclined online retailer, acquired from the one of the longest running video retail shops there ever was: Audio / Video Plus in Houston, TX. The announcement of receiving, preserving and intently purveying about 100,000 individual items was analog epic, indeed, Tapeheads, but at the closing of that update, we also announced that Lunchmeat would be teaming up with VS to share out some of the most...

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