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By Josh Schafer   Rewind-inclined regulars in Lunchmeat Land may remember when we explored the strange and innovative world of VCR board gaming all the way back in LUNCHMEAT #6 (time flies, eh, Tapeheads?). But for those who missed out on that video venture, here’s a quick rewind refresh.   The VCR gaming world is notorious for being clunky, convoluted, and mostly unplayable, but even so, there were a slew of VCR gaming platforms that were released from the mid-80s to the early to mid 90s. Though it was a relatively brief VHSpan of time, eager VCR-loving consumers were offered...

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Farside Toronto, VHS Rental, Video Rental, Video Stores -

By Josh Schafer   The world needs more video stores. For rewind-inclined minds and retroists of all kinds, I can’t think of a more veracious statement. Luckily, there’s a Tapehead named Mike Reynolds up in Toronto, Ontario that has found a way to mix taps and tapes under one rewind-radical roof. It’s just recently pressed play with over 5K VHS for rent, with an array of adult beverages to wash ‘em all down. Here are 5 things you absolutely need to know about Toronto’s newest video rental destination Farside.     Mike Reynolds with the Farside VHStash for rent!   ...

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Independent International Pictures, Sam Sherman, Super Video -

By Robert Freese   Super Video was a partnership between the Independent-International Pictures owners Sam Sherman and Dan Kennis with salesman Gary Eller. It was founded at a time when videocassette tapes were manufactured primarily for commercial use in video rental stores. For the most part, only die-hard fans bought a pre-recorded factory-sealed movie on videocassette, as the cost could be anywhere from fifty to a hundred dollars per tape.   The idea was brought to Sherman and Kennis on several occasions to supply their IIP catalog of movies for the lucrative home video marketplace. Ultimately, early offers were passed...

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Audio/Video Plus, Audio/Video Plus Archive, AVP Archive, Elvira, Thriller Video, Video Sanctum -

By Josh Schafer / Benny Junko   To introduce you to this installment of The Visual History of Audio/Video Plus, we’ll be rewinding back to LUNCHMEAT #7 and exhuming an excerpt from a piece by Matthew Dilts-Williams as he details and explores one of horror home video’s most beloved labels: Thriller Video. We’ll also offer up the full checklist for the Thriller Video catalog, complete with pricing from 2012. If you’re wondering how much a copy of Alabama’s Ghost was going for about 8 years ago, we got you, my dudes.      Image courtesy of Regan Ray.   The...

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Batman & Robin, Monovideomania, VHS, VHS Collecting -

By Josh Schafer   VHS collectors are a fascinating breed of fanatic. Tapeheads gather plastic slabs of cinema for myriad reasons that are often personal, and slathered with passion. Nostalgia is a major factor in many collectors’ endeavors, enabling them to connect with those distant, dusty, but ever-warm and radical memories of pre-adult life. There’s also the irresistible allure of eye-popping cover art, and in the world of VHS, there’s plenty of that visual VHStimulation to go around. Other collectors are inclined to uncover obscure oddities and incredible independent efforts that only VHS could preserve. You gotta love a dope rarity in its truest form....

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