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By Josh Schafer   Let’s rewind back to this very day in 1993, Tapeheads. Why today, you ask? Excellent question. Because on Tuesday, May 18th, 1993, midwest based supercenter chain Meijer opened their new megastore in Ontario, OH - and they marketed that launch with an ingenious VHSplash!  Meijer’s advertising team knew how to get into people’s line of sight, and it was via their VCR. The following 10 minute video isn’t just any old VHS tape: this video will change the way you shop for food, clothing, beauty supplies, and even the way you rent videos. The best part?...

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Here’s a little something that just might make you flip your VHS-lovin’ lid, Tapeheads! Those totally bodacious dudes from the Forever Bogus crew are back at it again with a supremely radical package that’s VHSure to appease all of your 90s nostalgia needs! Available starting tomorrow April 8th, only on their official webstore, the Forever Bogus dudes will unleash their super-stacked BOGUS BRAT PACKS! Yes, indeedy, Videovores, these brand-spankin’ new limited edition collections are truly packed to brim with groovy goodies including the all-new Super Secret Bogus VHS Mixtape Vol. 2, toys, trading cards, soda, candy, MORE VHS tapes and…...

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