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A little over two years ago in March of 2015, Lunchmeat ran an article exploring the Canadian-based endeavor called PROJECT GET REEL: an initiative that aimed to collect, dismantle and recycle some 2.26 billion unwanted and abandoned VHS tapes overflowing in The Great White North, with intentions to keep them out of the landfill and protect the environment from the plastics and poisonous chemicals that coat those reels of magnetic magic. It’s an honorable endeavor indeed, but the project aroused an important question among VHS collectors and media preservationists alike: what about the copious amounts of assorted cultural material still...

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Some of the more voracious Videovores out there will likely remember the limited edition re-issue of Greg Lambertson’s ooey-gooey splatter epic Slime City that was unleashed for this past VHSummer’s most righteous rewind-inclined event VHS FEST at Mahoning Drive-In Theater.   You’ll also probably remember that those spectacular pink, green, and yellow videocassette re-issues got gobbled up quicker than you can say “I like what’s happening to me!” But for Halloween 2017 at Chiller Theater, Camp Motion Pictures brought Slime City back on classic black videocassettes, and luckily, they still have a few ready to be consumed on their official...

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With the myriad of spooky, kooky, and wonderfully weird entertainment out there associated with the spirit of Halloween, it would seem the full-flavored thing to do to try and capture the gargantuan scope of spooktacular seasonal spectacles is to homebrew a hellacious Halloween mixtape. And this year, both established entities and enterprising individuals throughout the VHS community did just that, collecting oodles of retro Halloween material from spooky TV specials, to creepily fun cartoons, to nostalgia-drenched commercials, all stitched together to create an eye-popping array of merrily macabre medleys to help kick your Halloween party into the next dimension.  ...

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The VHS vindicating crew at Videonomicon has certainly submitted their share of radical rewind re-animations since their inception, Tapeheads. Releases such as Ron Switzer’s mind-melter SCIENCE CRAZED and the first official North American VHS release of OGROFF aka THE MAD MUTILATOR are just a couple examples from their impressive selection of fresh VHS. And, true to their Tapehead form, they’re gearing up to release another outstanding slab of limited edition magnetic magic, this time taking shape with fellow Canadian Torin Langen’s wordless, sinister and visually sumptuous Halloween-themed horror anthology 3 Dead Trick or Treaters. And we’ve got all the sweet...

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Chances are the names Shawn Lewis and Stephen Romano are already bumping around your rewind-inclined minds, Videovores. Lewis, who is the main brain behind the staple horror shirt shop Rotten Cotton, and Romano, who is responsible for the outrageously fun faux-horror flick compendium Shock Festival alongside some work within Masters of Horror, are two dudes that have been grinding in the contemporary horror sphere for their share of years.   But what you might not know, is that these guys are total Tapeheads. And now, with their Eibon Press banner (which released those killer Fulci Comics adaptations), they’re prepared to...

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