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The VHS vindicating crew at Videonomicon has certainly submitted their share of radical rewind re-animations since their inception, Tapeheads. Releases such as Ron Switzer’s mind-melter SCIENCE CRAZED and the first official North American VHS release of OGROFF aka THE MAD MUTILATOR are just a couple examples from their impressive selection of fresh VHS. And, true to their Tapehead form, they’re gearing up to release another outstanding slab of limited edition magnetic magic, this time taking shape with fellow Canadian Torin Langen’s wordless, sinister and visually sumptuous Halloween-themed horror anthology 3 Dead Trick or Treaters. And we’ve got all the sweet...

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Torin Langen is a name you may recognize from his low-budget (but high-quality) production company Candle Flame Films and the spooktacular short film Fondue. His affinity for analog has been previously evidenced by some radical limited edition VHS released through Candle Flame, including the SOV throwback horror short Trash. Langen has now reignited his analog inclination, this time with the start of the Limited Edition VHS distribution banner LOVECHILD PICTURES, which is set to release the James Felix McKenney black and white, dystopian sci-fi film Automatons in a limited edition of 50. Here’s Torin with more details on the start...

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