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With the myriad of spooky, kooky, and wonderfully weird entertainment out there associated with the spirit of Halloween, it would seem the full-flavored thing to do to try and capture the gargantuan scope of spooktacular seasonal spectacles is to homebrew a hellacious Halloween mixtape. And this year, both established entities and enterprising individuals throughout the VHS community did just that, collecting oodles of retro Halloween material from spooky TV specials, to creepily fun cartoons, to nostalgia-drenched commercials, all stitched together to create an eye-popping array of merrily macabre medleys to help kick your Halloween party into the next dimension.  ...

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The art of the video mix-tape has been an inherent and excitingly diverse aspect of the fresh VHS movement. Influential and early mixes like King of the Witches’ now coveted Party Levitation and Horror Boobs’ breastacular, blood-soaked compilations Horror Boobs Vol. 1 and 2 complement the newer analog-driven medleys like Magnetic Magic’s slam dunk slab Shaq Attack and The Secret Celluloid Soceity’s mind-melting and mysterious unnamed mash-up tape that just recently entered our VCR. These, along with countless other homebrewed home video clip concoctions from individual rewind-inclined minds across the culture, have been steadily spinning in Tapeheads’ playback decks.  ...

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