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The VHS vindicating crew at Videonomicon has certainly submitted their share of radical rewind re-animations since their inception, Tapeheads. Releases such as Ron Switzer’s mind-melter SCIENCE CRAZED and the first official North American VHS release of OGROFF aka THE MAD MUTILATOR are just a couple examples from their impressive selection of fresh VHS. And, true to their Tapehead form, they’re gearing up to release another outstanding slab of limited edition magnetic magic, this time taking shape with fellow Canadian Torin Langen’s wordless, sinister and visually sumptuous Halloween-themed horror anthology 3 Dead Trick or Treaters. And we’ve got all the sweet...

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Fans of that obscure but adored grimy and slimy French-made death fest OGROFF aka THE MAD MUTILATOR, you’re VHShip has come in. Yes, thanks to those rewind-radical, analog-affirming Canadian dudes at Videonomicon, you can slide that battered, third-gen bootleg to the back of the shelf for sentimental safe keeping, because there’s now a sumptuous re-issue of your favorite no-budget French gore flick featuring that flesh-munching masked maniac that’s fond of running saw teeth down the back of children’s necks. They're goin' quick, Videovores! Grab that slab here.     A look at both sides for the A and B cover...

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