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It goes without VHSaying that the rewind way is a worldwide practice, and the ardent affection for the format has recently taken shape in the land down under with a brand new VHS-centric web-series called VIDEO HOARDERS. Created and hosted by Rob Taylor, the first episode is now available via MonsterPictures.com (clickity-click that hot link to watch, man!), and follows Rob as he travels to Lara, Victoria and peruses the collection of fellow Tapehead Jamie Tate. Throughout the episode, they talk the joys of tape and ogle sexy slabs of Aussie analog like Evil Dead, Scalps, Nightmare and The Video...

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It’s a bit of a brain bender to think that the initial VHS-centric documentaries Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector and Josh Johnson’s Rewind This! were released nearly five years ago in 2013. The time has been flying for Tapehead culture, and the expansion and recognition of our rewind ways is ever-growing. That amplification of VHS reverence has been bolstered by a flurry of other VHS-driven docs such as the UK-produced docs VHS Forever? Psychotronic People and VHS Lives: A Schlockumentary as well as the US-produced VHS Massacre, which saw release via the indie film stalwarts...

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Sure signs of the rewind revolution are popping up everywhere, Tapeheads. Appreciation and affection for our favorite format has officially invaded the mainstream, with heavy-hitting retailers like Forever 21 carrying a VHS-shaped purse and Target offering VHS-centric shirts this past year, and most recently dishing out some official Blockbuster Video threads featuring a battered rental card with the analog-era adage, “Be Kind, Rewind!” Even Vans has dabbled with some VHS love, featuring a videocassette on a recent pair of slip-ons. But running shoe stalwarts Saucony are now kicking it up a notch with the newest version of their Shadow 5000,...

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The radical world of custom VHS casings is expanding at an eye-popping rate. Just take a peek at the #spoolswap hashtag on Instagram, and you’ll be able to soak in a spectrum of custom color-coordinated and blood-spattered tapes from Videovores of all inclinations and tastes. Yes, the more creatively-inclined VHS’ers are using that tried and true spool swap technique to switch and ditch those standard black slabs in exchange for a colorfully custom casing to house their favorite reels of magnetic magic, and it totally rules.   Take for instance, this here Leprechaun 3 gold and green custom composite shell,...

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Contrary to common belief, the video store isn't quite dead. And if you're regularly tuned in to Lunchmeat Land, you'll know this to be VHSolid fact. But if not, we welcome you to our VHS-obsessed domain with a few choice examples to support our notion: The classic chain of Family Video is still alive and finding ways to thrive out in the mid-west, Scarecrow Video has become a marvelous mecca of movies, indie start-up Old Skool Video is defying the odds in Nebraska and a hardy army of video stores like Viva Video in Ardmore, PA, Visart Video in Charlotte,...

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