New VHS-Driven Documentary VHS REVOLUTION is Now Streaming for Free on Amazon Prime!

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New VHS-Driven Documentary VHS REVOLUTION is Now Streaming for Free on Amazon Prime!

It’s a bit of a brain bender to think that the initial VHS-centric documentaries Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector and Josh Johnson’s Rewind This! were released nearly five years ago in 2013. The time has been flying for Tapehead culture, and the expansion and recognition of our rewind ways is ever-growing. That amplification of VHS reverence has been bolstered by a flurry of other VHS-driven docs such as the UK-produced docs VHS Forever? Psychotronic People and VHS Lives: A Schlockumentary as well as the US-produced VHS Massacre, which saw release via the indie film stalwarts at Troma Entertainment. But even with all the analog-driven documentary action happening in the past half-decade, there’s a new film driven by a love for VHS that’s now ready to be consumed: VHS REVOLUTION. And it's currently streaming for free via Amazon Prime.





VHS REVOLUTION is ready to invade your eyes via Amazon Prime.


Produced for ARTE, a public Franco-German TV Network with a focus on the arts and culture, and directed by Dimitri Kourtchine, VHS Revolution features rewind-minded personalities such as Ray Glasser (the original Videophile!), Mike Raso of Camp Motion Pictures / Alternative Cinema, Gary Cohen (Video Violence, Mama’s Home), yours truly, and a cast of other analog home video aficionados. Here’s the official description for VHS Revolution from ARTE: In the 80s, the VHS stirred up the winds of freedom from the United States to the USSR. Discover the amazing and crazy story of the little black box’s rise to cult status. The last VCR manufacturer stopped producing them in 2016. But VHS lives on. An entire generation grew up with video cassettes. The current revival is also due to them revolutionizing our lives. Being able to record shows liberated people from TV programs’ tyranny; that provoked studios and TV channels’ ire as their cinema and ad revenue diminished. The second revolution sparked by VHS, camcorders and video rental shops was cheap movie production, which allowed for the creation of small budget movies that anybody could watch at home. Pornography thus enabled a massive video market growth, which in turn made gore more popular. For better or worse, VHS pushed the boundaries of decency and shaped droves of teenagers’ imagination through its horror and kitsch movies. Using testimonies by pioneers and witnesses of the times, delve into the feverish visual culture the media generated – with far-fetched examples of canine television games, seduction manuals, aerobics class while holding a baby, among others. VHS Revolution is also available to purchase or rent via Amazon. And hey, even if you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can always get that free trial, which equals instant access. Isn’t the internet grand?


Groove and Groove and Get With The Glitch.




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