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If you've enjoyed rewind-inclined indie documentaries like Josh Johnson's Rewind This! and the Lunchmeat co-produced Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector, and you’re looking for even more insight on the scope of Tapehead and Videovore culture from around the world, Tony Newton's 2017 documentary VHS Lives: A Schlockumentary is just what the anti-digital doctor ordered. And now, courtesy of the video vindicators at SRS CINEMA, it’s ready to roll right into your VCR!     A mock-up of the VHS release now available from SRS Cinema! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!     Released in a Limited...

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Justin Ishmael is a name that may already be on your rewind-inclined radar as the main brain behind the heavy-hitting brand Mondo: a multifaceted production outfit that entered the fresh VHS arena with releases of Andrew Jordan’s Things, big box editions for both The Visitor and Ms. 45 and a highly coveted limited edition of Franck Khalfoun’s 2012 Maniac remake, among others. Ishmael’s Mondo has also made its mark on the fresh VHS movement via their work with those bodacious video vindicators at Bleeding Skull! Video, collaboratively unleashing limited edition slabs of obscure trash cinema insanity like Cards of Death,...

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Frequent video store patrons are apt to remember it fondly: that little green horror sticker stuck on the front of our favorite fright flicks at the local video rental spot. Over the past year or so, this little green guy has made a real comeback, mainly by way of rewind-inclined apparel and flair outfits. Chicago’s CREEPY COMPANY produced stickers, enamel pins and even a turntable slip mat paying tribute to these essential slime-colored circles, helping to turn this seemingly simple piece of home video rental history into a highly potent symbol of VHS era nostalgia. Another groovy instance of horror...

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Independently organized VHS swaps and screenings seem to be spreading like rewind-inclined wildfire, Tapeheads. Events like the annual Severed Horror VHS Collector’s Unite convention, Lo-Fi Video’s Buy or Die VHSwaps in L.A., the influence of Tape Eaters in the mid-west, and most recently, the Night of 1000 VHS hosted by Horror Boobs in Brooklyn, all indicate exciting and important times for modern day tape trading and VHS collecting culture. Cue the Pacific Northwest’s answer to the burgeoning presence of tape swap and VHS-centric events: THE SWAPPING DEAD. Come Sunday August 28th, the SD crew will be launching their 5th installment...

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UK-based VHS collecting offers a decidedly different historical scope both past and present, e.g. the Video Nasty controversy and recent VHS value misrepresentation, and if you’re looking for an insightful, lovingly-built window into VHS culture across the pond, Darren J. Perry and Mark Williams’ VHS FOREVER? PSYCHOTRONIC PEOPLE documentary offers just that. We originally interviewed both filmmakers here in Lunchmeat Land just about a year ago, so if you’re unaware of their rewind-inclined work, you can bone up right here. It’s essential Videovore viewing indeed, man. The VFPP crew originally released a PAL VHS limited to 200 copies (with only...

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