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Contrary to common belief, the video store isn't quite dead. And if you're regularly tuned in to Lunchmeat Land, you'll know this to be VHSolid fact. But if not, we welcome you to our VHS-obsessed domain with a few choice examples to support our notion: The classic chain of Family Video is still alive and finding ways to thrive out in the mid-west, Scarecrow Video has become a marvelous mecca of movies, indie start-up Old Skool Video is defying the odds in Nebraska and a hardy army of video stores like Viva Video in Ardmore, PA, Visart Video in Charlotte,...

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The importance for historical documentation of that inimitably fun and interactive atmosphere of vintage video rental stores cannot be overstated, Tapeheads. We recently featured the following video from Growing Up 80s and 90s on some Lunchmeat VHSocial media, but we thought it proper to stick it right here on the blog so more Lunchmeat Land regulars can take a peek through this absolutely radical video window that features the tape-lined guts of a classic small town video store in Rochester, MN called Valhalla Video, circa 1991.     The video, which was shot on VHS (most righteous!), offers an informative look...

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It’s a bummer of a day for fans of that vintage video rental experience in New Jersey, as what is thought to be the last known operating video rental store in the Garden State is preparing to close its doors permanently after a nearly 30-year run. That’s right, Videovores: According to New Jersey News 12, Bob’s Video Time in Brick, NJ is believed to be the last living video rental store in the entire state of New Jersey, and tomorrow, it’s shutting down for good.     A nice shot of the VIDEO TIME storefront, as captured by Barry Lincoln...

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The more avid aficionados of the indie horror underground are likely to be familiar with the name Dustin Ferguson. His prolific output in the genre has offered audiences insano titles such as Sleepaway Camp 4 and the faux-found flick Doll Killer along with an arsenal of unruly music videos, including some radical work for KMFDM. But even if you’ve never come across any of his cinematic creations, you’ll soon know him as a veritable home video hero. His newest endeavor has Ferguson taking a break from his low-budget filmmaking and daring to damn the digital streaming addiction of modern society,...

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Lunchmeat is absolutely elated to announce the first installment of a VHS-fueled comic collaboration with the outrageously cool creative imprint Poor Milk, which is headed up by illustrator extraordinaire Tavi Veraldi! We call it Magnetic Memories: a growing collection of one-page comics focused on all kinds of groovy experiences and adventures all provided by the power of VHS! Our first comic celebrates one of the most VHSexciting box gimmicks of all analog time, man! The FRANKENHOOKER talking box! And away we go, Tapeheads! Words by Yours Truly (Josh Schafer) and killer illustration and layout by Tavi Veraldi! Man, that Videovore...

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