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Insane Animation Creation WHEN BLACK BIRDS FLY from Filmmaker Jimmy Screamerclauz Now Available on Limited Edition VHS!

Some fantastic fresh VHS news has arrived from freaky deaky filmmaker Jimmy Screamerclauz who has just unleashed his newest animated nightmare When Black Birds Fly in limited edition analog fashion. You may recognize Screamerclauz from his previous slice of insano animation entitled Where the Dead Go to Die, or his more recent work as the composer on the 2014 film American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore. His brand of utterly surreal, otherworldly animation is known for being delightfully dark, extremely odd and incredibly imaginative, but you can sample a taste of his work by taking a bite out of the trailer below… Looks like quite the trip, huh, Tapeheads? You’re damn VHSkippy! And now, you can feed this slab to your VCR via limited edition VHS exclusively available through the official site. This edition comes in a large, Disney style clamshell (dubbed on recycled Disney tapes!) and Jimmy sez, “it might come in any color from white, black, yellow, red, or whatever the hell else the thrift store has in stock that day!!” This VHS edition also features an exclusive “Little Mermaid Parody” cover not featured on any other release. Ahhh, the phallic towers. You just can’t beat ‘em. Er…. You know what I mean, dude.


WHEN BLACK BIRDS FLY Limited Edition VHS release. Under the VHSea without an ounce of subtlety. You know we can dig it.

This edition is liable to get gobbled up quickly, Videovores, so be VHSure to groove on over and grab this slab of mind-bending magnetic magic before you can’t, man! VHSizzle your brain and get totally rewind weird. Screamerclauz Commands YOU!!

Groove and Groove and Never Stop Watching Cartoons.

Josh Schafer

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