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Some exciting fresh VHS news from Ogden, Utah’s Lost Media Archive is a’brewing, Tapeheads! LMA’s main brain and obscure film aficionado BC Sterrett has unearthed and re-animated the super-rare, shot-on-Super 8 Brad Anderson / Mike Brunelle film FRANKENSTEIN’S PLANET OF MONSTERS! on Limited Edition VHS! Originally shot in 1993 in MA, there were apparently a few initial VHS copies that went out as payment to the actors involved with the film, but after a single screening at an art museum as a double feature with FREAKS, the film has since fell into deep obscurity. Now, 20 years later, FRANKENSTEIN’S PLANET...

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The Holidaze are off and rewind runnin’, Tapeheads, and to kick off all of end of year analog excitement, we offer up some exclusive news from Lunchmeat Land that’s sure to get you and your trusty VCR in the Holiday VHSpirit! The announcement comes from the video vindicating dudes over at Magnetic Magic Rentals and Forever Bogus as they have slapped together a mighty righteous yuletide high-five and created a most excellent and very merry Christmas mixtape loaded with video era nostalgia including classic TV specials, obscure Holiday flicks, merry music videos, bodacious bumpers, and of course, tons of classic...

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We’ve just entered late September and that inevitable sugar rush of heady Halloween vibes are already amped up on high. The monster cereal is stocked up and ready to flow into your groovy glow-in-the-dark bat-shaped bowl, countless bags of candy have been snatched, taste-tested, rationed and stashed, and now, killer candy-coated announcements have started to ooze into view, helping to make everyone aware of the upcoming analog-inclined autumnal excitement. Cue the latest piece of fresh VHS news just announced from writer / producer (and owner / operator of the incredibly cool Myers House) and the video vindicators at Vultra Video:...

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Torin Langen is a name you may recognize from his low-budget (but high-quality) production company Candle Flame Films and the spooktacular short film Fondue. His affinity for analog has been previously evidenced by some radical limited edition VHS released through Candle Flame, including the SOV throwback horror short Trash. Langen has now reignited his analog inclination, this time with the start of the Limited Edition VHS distribution banner LOVECHILD PICTURES, which is set to release the James Felix McKenney black and white, dystopian sci-fi film Automatons in a limited edition of 50. Here’s Torin with more details on the start...

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