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Screaming Like Banshees Unleashes their Backwoods Slasher Flick THE LURKING on Limited Edition VHS!

Exceptionally attentive Tapeheads are apt to remember an analog-inclined outfit by the name of Screaming Like Banshees: a group of Wisconsin-based indie filmmakers who unleashed a self-produced cheezy chunk of horror anthology homage entitled TERRORTALES on fresh VHS around August of 2013. Since then, this low-budget film collective has been roaming the Wisconsin woods and churning up buckets of fake blood in order to put together their newest cinematic concoction THE LURKING: a one-hour trip into the low lives of two drugged out degenerates who stumble around the woods and try to get laid while 11 (count ‘em – 11!) hapless victims get picked off by an unseen killer and some weirdo tries to whip out his piece in front of the pothead wasteoids. And I ain’t talkin’ about no gun, man!


There they are, Tapeheads! The limited edition VHS for THE LURKING all VHSigned and ready to roll into your VCR!

Fans of obviously independent but ardently executed slasher cinema are sure to find a sense of enjoyment in this slice of fresh VHS flesh the SLB crew. Its authentic early 90s low-budget backwoods shot-on-video (but actually shot on SD digital) feel, groovy practical gore and rather impressive OST mingle with lots of low brow humor, some boobies and a semi-ridiculous fire-driven tent death to offer up a fun indie horror flick that’ll go over great with some buds and brews.


Some exclusive stills featuring two gory kills in THE LURKING! Man, that's GOTTA HURT!

THE LURKING VHS is limited to 50 hand-numbered copies, all signed by the producers of the film and is exclusively available through the Official SLB store. They start shipping today, Tapeheads, so groove on over, grab a slab for your VCR and get down with 11 different deaths, man.

Groove and Groove and Dig that Backwoods Beat, dude.

Josh Schafer

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