SEVERED 2016 Limited Edition LUNCHMEAT Exclusives Revealed! Limited VHS Releases for URBAN DECAY / WAV from Dylan Hughes, MAGNIFICENT KAABOOM from Zachary Whitmore and MORE!

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SEVERED 2016 Limited Edition LUNCHMEAT Exclusives Revealed! Limited VHS Releases for URBAN DECAY / WAV from Dylan Hughes, MAGNIFICENT KAABOOM from Zachary Whitmore and MORE!

It’s almost here, Tapeheads! On Saturday, May 28th (that’s just two days away!) in Stroudsburg, PA at the Sherman Theater, SEVERED will commence and offer their 7th Annual Short Film Night along with the 5th Annual Horror VHS Collectors Unite! Convention! Don’t know about it? Man, you VHShould! Click here for all of the info on the event, and groove to the Official SEVERED Facebook page for even more insight and information on what is sure to be the most radical rewind-inclined, VHS-lovin’ event in the nation, man! No kidding! And here in Lunchmeat Land, extreme excitement is VHStirring and our VCRs are wildly whirring as we prepare to unleash a small army of limited edition releases in the name of this most excellent analog-obsessed affair! Read on, my fellow Videovores, and get a peek at what’s in store from your friends here at Lunchmeat for this year’s SEVERED celebration…




The official poster for SEVERED 2016 from Earl Kess. COME AND PARTY WITH US!


First up, we’re absolutely VHStoked to work with filmmaker / editor Dylan Hughes to release his shot-on-video skateboarding double-feature out of South Florida in a limited edition of 25 copies. Filmed with a vintage VHS-C JVC GR-AX400 camcorder equipped with a Baby Death fish eye both URBAN DECAY (2015) and WAV (2016) are loaded with killer analog aesthetics and ooze with a sick and smooth style specific to Dylan’s crew. Hughes currently has a pre-order (that will be capped at 10 copies) for the tape, and the remaining 15 will be available at SEVERED! This release is housed in clear clamshells and committed to translucent blue (10 copies), standard blue (7 copies) and black (8 copies) VHS stock. You can check out a sample of WAV by clicking here, and peep VHS the release below!




Yes, Tapeheads, that IS some translucent blue tape stock! VHSkate or Die!



Next up, we’re offering a limited edition VHS that’s absolutely sure to warp your gourd, Videovores. Lunchmeat has teamed up with the totally wild indie animator Zacahary Whitmore to bring you a limited edition release of his outrageous, irreverent and absolutely mind-bending cartoon MAGNIFICENT KAABOOM! These are a limited run of 25 copies created exclusively for this year’s SEVERED, committed to outrageously funky fresh VHS stock that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. You can get a glimpse of what’s waiting for you on the tape with this NSFW trailer for the release! WARNING: It’s NSFW, Tapeheads! NOT AT ALL! And heeeeerrrrrre’s the tape!




Fans of totally-out-there indie animation, this one's for you. ADULTS ONLY, dude!



Also this year, we teamed up with VHS is Dead to create these super-fresh threads for your VHS-lovin’ head! Created with vintage snapback caps and some radical Genuine Videocassette Connoisseur 3-inch repro patches, these bad boys are limited to just 10 pieces, never to be made again. Just another reason to groove on out to Severed, eh, Tapeheads? We’d VHSay so!




Stick it on your dome, and let the people know. VHStylin', man.



And last, but certainly not least, we will have a very limited amount of the customary Secret Severed Tape. We can’t tell you much about it, because then it wouldn’t be a VHSecret, man! Here’s a small glimpse of it, though, just ‘cause we can’t resist.




What's the secret? Your VCR holds the key, Tapeheads. But you gotta get to SEVERED if you wanna see!



And just a heads up: Any leftovers from this year’s Severed will be available in Lunchmeat’s online VHStore The Meat Market, but we can’t make any promises, man! Gotta get ‘em where the gettin’s good! And that’s at SEVERED! Finally, I wanted to update everyone on the progress of LUNCHMEAT #9. I know a lot of Videovores out there are itchin’ to get a new slab of hand-held, readable Lunchmeat, and trust us: we wanna get it to you! This upcoming issue is going to be STACKED, Tapeheads, packed with tons of radical reviews of movies you’ve probably never heard of (but totally want to see!), groovy interviews, coverage on weird and wonderful video era oddities, video store promo spreads and more spectacular VHS collecting culture than you can shake a VHStick at! What?! You don’t have a VHStick? Dude, you gotta get one. Seriously, though, Videovores, this new issue is going to slay, and we’re aiming to have it hit the printer at the end of June or so, so it should be ready to roll into your mailbox sometime this Summer. Please stay tuned to this here analog-obsessed slice of internet for all updates on the new issue, and a huge high-five and mucho gratitude to all the Tapeheads out there for all of the VHSupport, always.


Groove and Groove and GET TO SEVERED, DUDE!!!




Josh Schafer

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