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Regular VHSubscribers to this here analog-obsessed slice of internet are sure to recall a most excellent display of rewind-inclined artistic creation from Sorce122 (AKA @tron_one02 on IG) and his absolutely killer custom-painted Texas Chain Saw Massacre VCR. If you haven’t caught VHSight of that magnificent playback machine, groove to the previous blog piece and check it out. He’s got even more custom machines happening on his Instagram now, too, and they’re absolutely VHStunning, man. Through the inspiration of this amazing piece of VCRe-animation from Sorce122, remarkable artist, Lunchmeat collaborator and all-around rad dude Hayden Hall has crafted a fully functional...

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A wave of totally righteous rewind-inclined excitement has recently rolled through the Videovore community in response a custom-painted, fully functional VCR from artist Sorce122, paying homage to one of the most iconic horror flicks of all-time: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre! Initial posts and VHShares of the aesthetically amazing VCR sent many Tapeheads into a frenzy of questions on how to get their own custom-covered magnetic playback machine, so Lunchmeat caught up with Sorce122 to gather a little more information about him, the process behind the beautification, and of course, how YOU can get in queue to grab your very...

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Some fantastic fresh VHS news has arrived from freaky deaky filmmaker Jimmy Screamerclauz who has just unleashed his newest animated nightmare When Black Birds Fly in limited edition analog fashion. You may recognize Screamerclauz from his previous slice of insano animation entitled Where the Dead Go to Die, or his more recent work as the composer on the 2014 film American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore. His brand of utterly surreal, otherworldly animation is known for being delightfully dark, extremely odd and incredibly imaginative, but you can sample a taste of his work by taking a bite out...

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On this mighty Friday we've got some serious fresh VHS news from the video vindicating crew over at Cult Movie Mania, a label you may recognize for some radical analog re-animations in league with cult film entity Grindhouse Releasing (Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal Ferox). CMM is back at it again teaming up with the folks at Grindhouse Releasing to unleash a double dose of Fulci flicks on our favorite format with Limited Edition VHS releases of the Italian cult classics Cat in the Brain and The Beyond. A look at the all new cover artwork for the Cult Movie Mania Limited...

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Over 40 years after the release of Theodore Gershuny’s atmospheric and effective cult Christmas slasher Silent Night, Bloody Night, New Wave Independent Pictures has just unleashed Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival: an interlaced sequel which revisits and expands on the storyline from Gershuny’s original offering of dark and demented holiday horror. The best part, Tapeheads? Australia-based entity Retrosploitation is offering BOTH films on one jam-packed double-feature videocassette loaded with a bunch of groovy extras. A look at the package for the SNBN double-feature fresh VHS. You can grab your slab HERE. Here’s a little more on the new film,...

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